Mr. Goh was a strip that I started in 2006. Outside of the original Gashapon Shop, it's been my most successful comic to date. The strip ended sometime in 2009. Over the last year and a half, I've tried my hand at different comics, but have always received the most e-mails and messages regarding Mr. Goh and when his return would be. Thanks to those messages, I've decided to get him back on the saddle... or so to speak.

Mr. Goh is now going to be known as Mister Goh. Not only is it slightly fancier with it completely spelled out, it's also his first name. Mr. Goh's first name is Mister. Mr. Mister Goh. It's like the Super Mario Brothers in which their last name must be Mario. Mario Mario and Luigi Mario and Mario Lopez.

Mister Goh: He has great imagination!

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